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S1E5 – Finding joy and pleasure with food & eating

Episode Notes

Diet culture can take away our joy and pleasure when it comes to food and eating. In this episode I talk about how to find joy and pleasure in eating experiences and explain how to be curious with your thoughts and feelings around food.

I cover:

  1. Diet culture and feeling guilty with eating certain foods
  2. The importance of food culture and its link with joy
  3. Social eating – why we experience joy and pleasure when we are eating with others and how food connects us
  4. How to be curious and mindful with your eating experiences and bring more joy and pleasure to your life.

Resources for those needing further help with a dieting mindset or disordered eating:
Butterfly foundation
National eating disorders collaboration

Beat eating disorders
National centre for eating disorders

National eating disorders association
Eating disorder hope

Online non-diet dieticians offering one-on-one or group programs
Body Confident Nutrition
Nurture Nutrition
Nadia Maxwell Nutrition
Jenn Salib Huber

My website
Instagram: @midlife_nutrition
Facebook: Midlife Nutrition
Pinterest: Rachael Cooper Dietitian

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