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Evidence based and practical strategies to support you to nourish your body during menopause

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About Me

Hi, I'm Rachael

When I reached my midlife years, I realised I knew very little about perimenopause and menopause – even as a health professional!

My body started changing and I wanted to arm myself with knowledge so that I could advocate for my health needs. I delved deep into menopause research to learn more about my symptoms and gain a better understanding of what was happening to me.

I then started to wonder about how my nutritional needs were changing. A quick look around on the internet made me realise there was very little evidenced based information out there.

So, in a nutshell, I decided to start my own business where I support women in their midlife years to learn more about their body and how to nourish it.

My approach to nutrition

  • Non Diet – which means no restriction or dieting
  • Weight Neutral – I don’t focus on weight as a goal
  • Food needs to taste great
  • I offer practical tips and strategies
  • A variety of options so you can choose what suits you and your unique lifestyle


Rachael Cooper stirring with a wooden spoon in green pot over the stove.

More about me

My Values

These are the values I live and work by.


Learning new things every day to grow & evolve. Supporting others to gain knowledge that empowers them to live their best life.


Being open minded to new and different ways of doing things and seeking to listen to others who are doing things differently.


Showing compassion for all humans, including myself, by prioritising empathy and kindness in my interactions.


Using resources sustainably to protect myself, others and the earth.

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