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Menopause Nutritionist

Supporting women to thrive during menopause by nourishing their body using a gentle nutrition approach without restriction or dieting.

Confused about all the conflicting menopause nutrition information out there?

Had enough of dieting and want to enjoy food again without restriction?

Want to feel your best and thrive in your midlife years?

Look no further. I provide evidenced based information as well as practical tips and  strategies to support you to put the information into practice.

You won’t find one size fits all plans here. I offer a range of strategies that you can choose from that suit you and your lifestyle.

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Midlife women need self care and nourishment, not restriction and punishment.

Rachael Cooper


Ready to nourish your midlife body?

Menopause Recipes

All your menopause recipes in one place. Easy to make with specific ingredients that are beneficial for menopause.


Listen to the latest topics on menopause nutrition.


Search the blog for topics that will increase your knowledge about menopause nutrition and learn practical tips strategies to implement into your lifestyle.


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I’m  Rachael, a Dietitian with over 20 years experience.

I love food – growing, cooking & eating. And I’m passionate about supporting women in the midlife years.  

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